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Bookfest 2022 award FF

Meet Faith

FAITH FLAMINGO longed to have lanky legs like her peers. However, she drew the short stick when it came to height. She couldn’t figure out her purpose or find any self-confidence. Every Friday, just when FAITH seemed to get comfortable in her skin, her friends disappeared into thin air and she had no clue why. Find out how FAITH walks along a journey in the Everglades of Florida to find her true purpose, and how she comes to love herself as everyone else does. 


FAITH FLIES is a 750-word fiction book targeted to emerging independent readers ages 6-10. Other features include an informational fact section on various flamingo species.

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Meet Theodore

Theodore the Turkey is one smart bird who loves to read. Sadly, he doesn't have anyone to read or play with. Stroll through the neighborhood with Theodore as he searches in the strangest habitats for his identity, a friend and place to put up his boots. 


About Allifish Press

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Allifish Press is owned and operated by Allison F. Speer, writer-turned-mom-turned-teacher. A newspaper reporter for 15 years, Speer has won a number of awards for investigative reporting and feature writing both in Connecticut and in Texas newspapers and magazines. She is the mother of twin girls and is a reading teacher in Fort Worth, Texas. "Theodore" is her first children's book and "Faith Flies" launched in June 2021.

About the artists

Bobby Ligon is a second generation artist who became a fine acrylic painter at his mother's easel. After a distinguished career  as a graphic artist and painter, he merged the two into a fun watercolor world of illustration. He lives in Aledo, Texas with his wife and two young daughters.

He also has five grown sons and four beautiful grandchildren. His art not only graces canvases and pages, but also brings wonder to children’s imagination. See more of his work at

Mike Jones, Jr. is a former graphic design professor turned full-time illustrator. He has done illustrations for magazines, advertisements and comic books. FAITH FLIES is his first fully-illustrated children's book. It is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream! Mike lives with his family in Abilene, Texas and his work can be found at

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Bookfest 2022 Gives Faith Flies Honorable Mention

Bookfest 2022 award FF

APRIL 2, 2022 -- Faith Flies received an honorable mention award from The BookFest Awards honors outstanding books published within the last five years. 

Desireé Duffy, founder of The BookFest, felt it was important to highlight books that may not have seen the recognition deserved.

Duffy says, “The BookFest Awards honors outstanding literary achievement. Saluting writers and connecting them with readers is the mission of The BookFest. "

Books submitted to The BookFest Awards are evaluated with a three-round judging system: first by an expert vetting team to ensure submitted work meets necessary criteria, then by The BookFest associate judging committee, and then final determinations are made by the executive BookFest Awards judging committee.

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